Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh, snap!

If you're not already caught up, take a minute to scroll down and read the last two entries - that'll get you caught up in all the DUH-RAMA currently swirling through my family.

Okay! So, here's an email I received last night from Alabama, in reply to the email I sent her as seen in the last post:

"I actually suggested Texas call her, being something of a financial guru. I understand your concerns - that's why it was important to get everybody's input. Personally, I think that if Mom were in a position to make a decision, she would surely have helped Ditzy, as she would any of us. I don't think Ditzy thought "it was Mom's responsibility" - she was just asking for help, which, obviously, she is not going to get from this family."

OUCH! waaaaaaaa ........ I am cryyyyiiiinnnggggggg ..........

HahahahahaHAHA! NOT!

I think I'm just going to sit on this one for a day or so, and then gently suggest that if Alabama is so freaking worried about poor little Ditzy's finances, she should sit down, pull out her own checkbook, and write Ditzy a check out of her own money. Problem solved.

I'm pretty sure I just got uninvited to the family reunion. Cry me a river.


kitkat said...

I think that's a smart choice. You all have been entrusted to do what's in her best interest, not to figure out what Mom would have done.

Also, you could gently suggest to all the family members who agreed that Ditzy should get the money that they could all pitch in to help her. Then Alabama wouldn't feel like she was being targeted. If no one's willing to ante up, maybe they'll see that it isn't fair to make Mom give up her money when they aren't willing to do the same.

rockygrace said...

Kitkat, you're a genius.

kitkat said...

I try :-)