Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last night on American Idol

Yeah, yeah, I know ..... honestly, I wasn't REALLY watching it, it was just ... kind of ... on.

And my ears sort of perked up when they announced that Rod Stewart was going to be on next, because, honestly? I thought to myself, "Sweet jesus, he's gotta be in his seventies by now. This should be interesting."

And then he came on and I was wrong, because evidently, he's a lot closer to NINETY than he is to seventy. Holy shit, Rod, get that hip replacement already - you're shuffling around the stage like my dead grandpa. Oh, and you might want to lose the plaid jacket - I'm just sayin'.

I'm not surprised that Adam lost - by the second song of Tuesday's show, when he busted out the jazz hands, even I was getting sick of him, and I have a fairly high tolerance for show-biz histrionics.

Oh, and did anybody catch the pilot for "Glee"? Here's the thing that I didn't get - the kids signed up for the club, they went in and started auditioning, and every single one of them had a voice ready for Broadway. I mean, come on! If you've ever actually attended school choir auditions, you know that it's a lot like the auditions they show on American Idol - for every person who can actually SING, there's another ninety-nine who couldn't carry a tune in a bucket.

One final thought - KISS?????? Really?????? Will you guys please, PLEASE just go away already?! I'm begging you!

Updated to add: I just noticed that the title of this post referenced "Americal Idol." Whoops. It's fixed now.


Anonymous said...

I can honestly say I haven't watched one second AI this season. It must have conflicted with something...Dancing with the Stars? Probably.

As for Rod, was he ever young? He's always looked old to me. I guess that's why he had that song "Forever Young." Just wishful thinking, buddy.

Danger said...

Perhaps Glee is targeting the audience that believes High School Musical just isn't gay enough.

rockygrace said...