Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Well, at least I don't have to worry about getting rid of that wagon-wheel chandelier

The place is full of mold and the roof is shot.



Bridgett said...

Shoot. I'm sorry to hear that.

I think I told you that my first house bid fell through -- combo of cracked septic tank that the owner didn't want to come down on price to help me fix, mold (from undisclosed prior flooding), and crazy-high radon in the basement. Personally, I'm not a big worrier about radon, so that wouldn't have messed up the deal, but we wound up feeling like the people we were dealing with were dishonest and willing to try to rip us off, which meant that we no longer wanted to do business with them.

The house we have now wasn't even on the market at the time we put the first offer in. We wound up with a better house, at a better price, in a better location, with more money to put down...so it did all work out in the end. However, that didn't make it feel better at the time.

3carnations said...

Best to find out now.

I didn't think it was okay for a roof to do that...

rockygrace said...

Evidently this is going to drag on for a bit. Now, in order to get my thousand dollars in earnest money back, I need to have a contractor go out and come up with an estimated cost of repairs (based on the home inspector's report), so the seller has a chance to come down on the price enough to cover the repair cost.

Le sigh.

Bridgett said...

Hey, and if it turns out that the house can be fixed and that the seller comes down on the price to have the repairs done so that you can move into a fixed-up house that was less expensive than you thought it would be...would that be such a bad outcome?

Alternately, you'll get your money back and move on.

rockygrace said...

You know, it's just tiring, that's all. After the inspection, I was ready to walk away from this one, and now they're dangling the carrot of "maybe the seller will pay to fix it".

On the other hand, there's nothing else on the market right now that I'm interested in, so I might as well ride this pony to the end, so to speak, whatever the end may be.