Monday, September 01, 2014

Good fences make good neighbors F*CK YEAH!!

First, I had to mark the fence line.  Tinks helped.  In this pic, my yard is on the left and my neighbors' yard is on the right.  Where Tinks is.  Oops.

When I got home from work on Thursday, the post holes had been dug:

That dirt is FULL of rocks.  I was going to say it was like digging holes in a creek bed, but actually, the creek used to run where my yard is now, so the contractor WAS digging holes in a creek bed.   The holes were 30" deep.

Up next:  The posts:

Fence sections all ready to go:

And finally,  VOILA:

My new fence. I love it.  I love that fence so much I wanna MARRY it.  Ha.


Mama D said...

Amen! Love me my fences too. ;)

Zella said...

Wow, that's nice ! Congrats on your newly found privacy :)
(I've been having a shitty week with my neighbors and can only DREAM of my own house somewhere in the future, sigh)

rockygrace said...

That fence is worth every penny it cost. The many, many, many, many pennies it cost. You would not BELIEVE how expensive it is to get a fence installed. Still ... worth the money. Yep.

James P. said...

Did it take all sixteen aforementioned bags of concrete, or did they have some left over to take home to the fam' ?

rockygrace said...

They had three bags left. They asked if I wanted them, but I said nah, so they took 'em. Concrete's cheap.

So yeah, thirteen bags x 80 lbs./bag = 1040 lbs. plus the water to mix it. That's one sturdy damn fence. Dude said I could run a car into it and it wouldn't move, and I believe it.

James P. said...

We all think you should do a testimonial on some half-hour fence infomercial, if such a thing exists........We trust you to ham it up (tears and wringing out your hanky when describing the unbearable situation with the neighbors before your NEW FENCE).

rockygrace said...

I'm gonna be a TV STAR!!!