Friday, September 26, 2014

Beach baby, beach baby, there on the sand, from July to the end of September ...

I was accidentally listening to the classical music station the other day, and the announcer was introducing a symphony, and he starts talking about how the song Beach Baby used a portion of the theme and blahblahblah and I was all, "Beach Baby!  I haven't heard that song in YEARS!"

Turns it came out in *gulp* 1974.  When I was twelve.

So here ya go.  A blast from my past.  You're welcome. 

(Updated to add:)  And now this song is STUCK IN MY HEAD and I've been whistling it all morning, which ordinarily I would worry was bothering my co-workers, except ONE of my co-workers has suddenly developed the EXTREMELY ANNOYING HABIT of inserting the word "literally" into EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE so I'm pretty sure we're even.

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