Saturday, September 13, 2014

Holy SH*T you guys, why did no one ever tell me about H&M?!

Dudes.  Duuuuuudes.  I've seen the H&M ads on line, but there isn't a store in my area.  The other day, I decided to check them out at their on-line store.  Holy CRAP.

Dress #1.   Your basic cotton Little Black Dress, with lace around the neckline and hem, plus a tie waist.  Ten dollars.:

Dress  #2:  Another Little Black Dress, this one a little shorter and  more dressy, with a shirred waist.  Ten dollars:

Dress #3: Cotton sundress, with a scoop back with criss/cross back accents.  Yeah, I'll have to put it away until next summer, but it was SEVEN DOLLARS:

Dress #4:  Oh my god I LOVE this dress.  Retro pattern/style.  Twelve dollars:

Am I too old to wear knee-length dresses?  Ask me if I give a sh*t.  These dresses all look great on me.  I can pair them with tights/patterned hose and cardigans or blazers for the cooler months. (Except for the sundress.  That's gonna have to wait.)

I read a lot of reviews saying that H&M's shipping sucks, but I ordered these on Tuesday and they were on my doorstep today.   Flat-rate shipping is $5.95, tax was $1.80, and my grand total for FOUR DRESSES, all of which I LOVE, was $46.75.

Oh H&M, I love you.  Wanna get married?

Oh, and Tinks has already got to work adding his own,  personal accents (i.e, shedded fur) to my new dresses:



~~Silk said...

That last dress has a flounce around the bottom. I love the way flounces look when you walk.

And you have good legs. Of course you can wear knee length. You'd be remiss not to.

~~Silk said...

So, I looked up H&M. It sounded familiar. Turns out they have a store in the mall across the river from my old house. I visited maybe 7 or 8 years ago. The sales kids were dismissive, even sneering. It was clear they were geared toward teens. I was wearing size 6 then, but still couldn't find much appropriate that wasn't a bit, um, delicately manufactured. I bought one very nice belted knitted vest that I recently passed on to Daughter. I didn't go back. Didn't feel like being sneered at again. Of course, that was a very long time ago, and maybe they were still trying to find their American market.

James P. said...

Hope Tinks' talons don't find their way into the new dresses.......a couple of which you plan to wear a modest undershirt with, right?

James P. said...

P.S. Yes, I know that talons are on birds, but it starts with a "T" like Tinks.

Love Silk's "delicately manufactured" and will probably use it with appropriate credit given. HA!

Zella said...

We have 3-4 of these stores here in Helsinki, and I especially love to shop there now that I have limited finances (truthfully, I'd still shop there if I had a job) -- and just this past summer I got tons of nice lingerie from there...which I hadn't expected to find :)

rockygrace said...

~~Silk, yeah, their website demographic definitely skews younger (WAY younger, for me). The whole "what are YOU doing in this store?" thing is familiar to me, which is probably why I've never even tried to go into the local Hollister or Aeropostale.

and thanks for the legs compliment. and yes, the flounce! Awesome at any age.

Ginny, what is this "undershirt" of which you speak? Ha.

and Zella, I'm glad I'm not the only one in love with H&M! It's so much easier to buy something new when you know you don't have a lot of money invested.