Friday, September 26, 2014


I just got a call from an insurance company.  Looking at the caller ID, I thought it was a telemarketer and almost didn't take it, but then I thought the better of it. 

Turns out, many many MANY years ago, my mom took out a life insurance policy and named me, her youngest, as the beneficiary.  I dunno why either; probably one of my dad's bar buddies was selling insurance or something. 

Mom passed away in December.  The insurance company got wind of it.

They're sending me a check.  For

oh crap I probably shouldn't say it here, should I?  Beware of scammers and all that.

For lots of dollars.  Not enough to pay off my mortgage or anything, but enough to take a very VERY nice vacation should I so choose.

Out of the blue.

All I can think of is, many years ago, when my great-aunt Grace passed away and unexpectedly left my Mom a sum of money, and how pleased we all were for Mom. 

And now it's me.

Thanks, Mom! 



Zella said...

Oh sweetheart, congratulations !!! I love hearing stories like this, genuinely makes me happy for you :))

~~Silk said...

That agent managed to track you down! A tiny bit of faith in insurance companies has been restored. Given your location and the snow predictions for this winter, a Caribbean cruise along about February sounds good.

rockygrace said...

Zella, thanks for the congrats. Here's hoping something awesome comes your way as well!

and ~~Silk, I've changed addresses many times (and my last name once) since Mom took out that policy. The insurance agent actually managed to track down one of my sisters first, who directed her to me. (And that must be a super job; informing people that they've got unexpected money coming! I think I'd like to make that my next career.)

I think I'll treat myself to Arby's tonight. Woot! Ha. Once the check has cleared, Christmas is gonna come early for the kitties of the rescue. (No, I'm not spending all of it on them; just a chunk of it. The woman who runs it scrapes by on nothing and it will be a genuine joy to be able to help out.) I've already got a call in to my mortgage broker; with this extra money, I may be able to refinance into a fifteen-year at a lower rate. And who knows? I think some beach time come February sounds fantastic.

Thanks again, Mom. Your kindness is appreciated and it will be passed on.

Still can't quite believe it.

Mama D said...

That's just fantastic. So happy for you!!!

~~Silk said...

Think about your priorities.

In my unsolicited opinion, yourself and vacation should come first. After all, how often have you had or will you have the opportunity. Don't settle. Go for the dream. And I think your mother would approve.

Mortgage should come second. A lower rate give you more financial flexibility in the future.

Helping with the kitties will make you and a lot of little fuzzy folks feel good, and that is a brightness, but remember to balance that impulse with the time you put in, too. Your time is actually more valuable than dollars.

Hire somebody to shovel your driveway this winter.

Oh, I don't know why that reminded me of them, but what happened with the older crazy couple? The guy who was drinking?

~~Silk said...

(The insurance agent's name didn't happen to be John Beresford Tipton, Jr., did it?)

the queen said...

Super news! Spend some, save some.

rockygrace said...

Mama D, thank you! It's kind of like what I imagine buying a scratch-off and having it win would be like - all, whaaaaaaa?!

So ~~Silk, you advise the "whoop-it-up" route, eh? I'm surprised - for some reason, I thought you'd be the "pay-down-the-mortgage" type. Ha.

And the crazy neighbors are still here - they're why I put up the fence.

And should I know who John Beresford Tipton is? Now I'm mystified.

the queen, I like your advice. Honestly, it's not, like, a life-changing amount or anything - just enough to want to spend some time considering what to do with it. A nice problem to have!

~~Silk said...

Geezer alert! John Beresford Tipton was the millionaire in the old TV show The Millionaire. He picked a different ordinary person every week to give one million dollars to, then the show (fiction, of course) followed that person over the hour to see what the money did to or for them. Wikipedia has an entry on the show at

I guess you're just plain too young.

rockygrace said...

Well, ~~Silk, that's the first thing I've been "too young" for in a looooong damn time!