Thursday, September 04, 2014


The hibiscus (hibiscuses? hibisci?) and Rose of Sharons (Roses of Sharon?  I DON'T KNOW) in my yard are blooming away.

I have to net the crap out of the hibiscus(es?) in the side garden, or the deer pluck the buds right off.

 Horse and hibiscus:

I moved a couple Rose of Sharons from my old apartment's yard.  I moved a LOT of plants from the old place.  The new tenant probably wondered what all the giant holes were for.  Five years later, the Rose of Sharons (?) are doing well.

I planted this double one (which has a visitor) by the mailbox.  I really need to get a pic of the mailbox garden; it looks very pretty, if I do say so myself.

Gotta love the late bloomers.


~~Silk said...

What exactly IS that visitor? Spider?

rockygrace said...

Yep. The pic is a little out of focus, probably because I got the heebie-jeebies once I saw the spider.

James P. said...

Poor little guy/gal. He/she was waiting to read Spider Praise comments here since spiders keep the shameful munching insects off your plants............G.(I live with a spider fraidy: my husband. How he got through 25 years as an infantryman wallowing in the bugs in Vietnam,Panama and elsewhere is a mystery to both of us.)

Beautiful flower photos.

rockygrace said...

Okay, Ginny, I'll give it a try ... Good spider! Gooooood spider ... *shudder*

If they just didn't have so damn many LEGS.

James P. said...

Yeah, that's what James says....."It's those two extra legs".