Wednesday, September 17, 2014

well, THAT was a real cob job

So, I got home yesterday, and the tree trimmers  were gone.  They cut out a sh*t-ton of branches, mostly right in the middle of the trees, so it kind of looks like a narrow tornado came through. 

Like this:


(That's not my trees, btw.  Just a VERY ACCURATE representation.)

They also bashed a big dent in the top of my mailbox and flattened the mailbox garden.  I tried to fluff the black-eyed susans back up, but they're not having it. Hopefully they'll rebound.

Oh, and they left nine million branchlets all over the damn front yard.  AND left a bunch of widowmaker branches hanging.

Sheesh.  So basically, the utility company, to which I pay some of the highest energy costs in the country, did a job that would get a regular company fired.

On the plus side, the front yard gets a bunch more sun now.  So ... yay?


fmcgmccllc said...

Our trees look worse, I will try and get some pics. We are Tree City so there are alot of loopy/loppy trees. But here they are very strict on them cleaning up there messes. And they would have to replace the mailbox. Funny how different areas handle things.

rockygrace said...

We'll have a "worst tree" competition, fmcetc. :)

and frankly, I think the utility company SHOULD replace my mailbox. Sheesh.

~~Silk said...

This actually applies to the cat skeleton post:

rockygrace said...

Holy sh*t, ~~Silk, that is AWESOME. hahahahahahaaaaaa