Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Movin' on up

Sweetie and Lump, my last two foster kittens, have moved on.

Seeing as how I have had no success in eradicating ringworm from the premises, I decided that it would be best if they went to a different foster home, one with more time and tolerance (and talent) to deal with fungal issues.  Get the little incubators out of the house, so to speak.

These two cuties have gone to the rescue group's founder, where they will have full-time run of the house until their adoptive family arrives.

I took them in to work with me on Friday morning, and they went to their new home from there.  I spent the weekend cleaning the SH*T out of the foster room (thank you, ringworm!).  It took six loads of laundry just to wash all the bedding, towels, etc.  I steamed cleaned the carpet TWICE - the first time didn't do the trick (urk). At first I was horrified at how much dirt came out of that carpet, but then I remembered that at one point I had TWELVE KITTENS (and two mama cats) in that room, and I cut myself a break.  I disinfected all surfaces with Clorox spray, washed the windows, etc., etc., and I hope I never see a ringworm outbreak again.  Well, other than the spot on Soda's ear ... did I mention that one of MY cats now has ringworm?  *sob* 

Bye bye, little babies.  I'll see you this weekend at our adoption event, and hopefully you'll find your new homes right quick.

(Oh, and what is the cat count now?  Well, I've gone from NINETEEN cats a couple of months ago (insanity times infinity) to five.  My three, and the two feral fosters.  And that's a totally acceptable number of cats. *whew*)


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

what are you going to do with yourself with so few kitties??

fmcgmccllc said...

That explains my freakiness about cats, I got ringworm as a child and my mother was convinced it was from cats in sandboxes. I had to have my hair washed upside down in the kitchen sink with ucky shampoo and wear this blue rubber ring while she did it. And you cannot imagine the snarls in that hair with no cream rinse back in the day. It is one of my very first memories.

rockygrace said...

Tails, it is a true luxury not to have to scoop litterboxes first thing in the morning. :)

and fmcetc., I'm sorry for your ringworm experience. It is a snot.

I had long hair as a kid, and I remember sitting and crying as my mom combed the snarls out after bathtime. I must have been eight or nine when she introduced me to cream rinse, and I was OUTRAGED, all, "Why didn't you TELL me about this before?!" I never realized until your comment that maybe it just wasn't AROUND before then.