Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cool or ghoul

So, I was paging through the weekly CVS flyer this morning, when I came across this:

AWESOME, right?   It's a plastic cat skeleton Halloween decoration.

As soon as I saw it, I was all, waaaaaaaaaaant.

I needed it to add to my House of Strange!

I went to the nearest CVS on my lunch and sure enough, there it was ... Skeleton Cat!  And on sale for sixteen bucks!

I almost ... almooooossssst bought it.

But then I got to thinking.  Is it ... too much?  Too strange for the House of Strange?

Because frankly, it wasn't gonna be just a Halloween decoration.  It would be a permanent addition, like Angel Rabbit Man or the flamingo or the Infant of Prague statues.  

See ... I like bones.  I like their permanence.  I like their structure.  I have lots of deer antlers and skulls and bones.  Stuff that I've picked up on my hikes.  But is a skeleton of a cat, even if fake, is it ... over the line?

What do you think?  Enquiring minds want to know.


James P. said...

I personally vote "no". Disturbing.

~~Silk said...

I vote yes, buy it! You should be able to arrange it with something else to make a pun or joke (like put papier mache antlers on it and call it a catalope (like cat antelope = cantaloupe?)), and you can always use it as incentive on your feline herd - "Obey me, or...."

Mama D said...

I say go for it. Right up your alley! ;)

rockygrace said...

Normally I would be all over something like this, but for some reason it makes me uneasy. Silly, but true. Maybe it's because Ponyboy nearly shuffled off this mortal coil this past spring, or because of the foster mama who actually passed away a few months ago and is now resting in peace in my backyard. Oddly enough, I think I'd feel better about having an *actual* cat skeleton in the house than a plastic replica. AM STRANGE.

And in an effort to avoid a future appearance on an episode of Hoarders, I'm trying to avoid buying stuff that I don't truly love, so ... I dunno.

I DID pick up an awesome birdcage last night using one of the nine kabillion gift cards that Kohl's keeps insisting on sending me, so maybe I'll channel my creative urges into that instead.

But I think YOU guys should totally buy cat skeletons. Except Ginny, of course.

and ~~Silk, I DO like the idea of using it as a threat. "See what happened to the LAST cat who pulled that?" ha.

rockygrace said...

But ohmygod I just thought of the best Facebook prank ever in the history of time, using the fake cat skeleton.

I am one sick motherf*cker.