Friday, August 29, 2014

The Fair in pictures

First off, I want to thank everybody for their kind comments on the last post.  You guys can come play in the park anytime. :)

Now, The! Fair!

Yes, there really are that many trees on the fairgrounds.  Makes it easy to find a shady spot when you need a break.

Look!  Giant ice cream cones!  This is MY kinda fair:

Native American beadwork:

Gotta love the Kid Art:



4H displays:

This little dancer was strutting her STUFF on that great big stage:

 Calf, just a few hours old:

Gotta wash up before the show:

Getting there early means you beat the crowds:

Oh, the quilts!:

I cannot even imagine the patience it must take to piece one of these suckers together.  I can just picture myself wadding everything up and heaving it across the room.  Where the cats would then deposit fur on it.

 This flower arrangement ... well ... some of the flower arrangements were, frankly, baffling.  And this one won a blue ribbon! WTF ...

Sand sculpture - Dr. Seuss.  The guy standing next to me said, "Well, everybody ELSE is taking a picture.  I guess I might's well, too."  Yeah, we all took a pic. 

Log cabin recreation:

 I love the demonstrators:

You could not PAY me enough to get on some of these rides.  Hell, I got nervous just standing next to them.

See you next time, Fair!


Domestic Kate said...

Those quilts are ridiculous. I've always wanted to learn to sew, in particular because my aunts make beautiful quilts and somehow I think it's genetic. But, I've already resigned myself to making the world's most slanty, uneven quilts that would be warm as hell but not something to hang up on display.

rockygrace said...

It's all those teeny meeny pieces ... holy cow.