Saturday, August 16, 2014


So, I had my hairs did this morning, and the blonde is now gone.  *sob*

I opted for a copper shade, think brown with a hint of reddish.  It looks pretty, and even if the red element fades fast, the brown is close enough to my natural shade (DAMMIT) that it will be much lower maintenance than trying to force a blonde that goes roots-dark much too quickly for my budget.

I ... like it?  It's okay, and frankly, I don't really spend enough time looking in mirrors to care too awful much about my hair, other than  wanting to present a somewhat professional appearance at my job.  Add to that the fact that no one really looks at fifty-plus women anyway, and it's all good.

In my dreams I can be blond ... and young ... and pretty ...  aw,  f*ckit, I'll just stick with being me.


~~Silk said...

Photo! Photo!

James P. said...

What Silk said. I'm needing a visual here.

P.S. You look much younger than your age, so guys MUST be looking at you still.........

rockygrace said...

Oh God, you guys, I suck at selfies. Clairol Natural Instincts Bright Auburn Brown is pretty close.

and Ginny, thanks for the compliment, but no. I hit fifty and fell completely off the radar.

James P. said...

You could take a picture of you holding one or more of the kitties and looking down at them. That way, you don't feel self-conscious staring at the camera, we get to see the kitties, and we get to see more of the "new" hair! Everyone wins!