Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Dignity for Precious Memories"

Okay, well, first off, I'm kind of worried about the China Syndrome they've got going in Japan right now, but I was just leafing through a Cat Fancy magazine (don't JUDGE; besides, I get them from the library; it's not like I SUBSCRIBE or something) and there was an ad in the back for pet caskets.

Pet. Caskets.

Granted, I had Rocky cremated, and yes, I bought a pretty little box for the ashes because I keep them in the living room*, but pet caskets?

I mean, they're just going in the ground, people.

Back when I was a kid, we just used shoeboxes. Or, you know, blankets, depending on the size of the pet. We had a regular little pet cemetery going on outside the back door.

If you wanna check it out (the web site, not the pet cemetery), it's

Anything for Fluffy, I guess.

*hahahaha you KNEW I was CRAZY, right?


Anonymous said...

Ugh! I don't understand caskets for humans, let alone pets! When Lupe met her end a few years ago, we just buried her in the wooded area behind our house. I'm sure it's illegal, but we said some kind words and let nature take its course. I have no regrets.

rockygrace said...

Well, that's the thing, right? - dust to dust and all that. The big recycling plan.