Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let's talk about rugs, bay-bee

First off, thanks for all of your suggestions in the comments of the previous post. Kate, I thought about Ithaca, too! I knew it had a tibet shop, so then I had to go and look up what religion tibetans are.

(It's Buddhist. I'm a moron. I should have KNOWN that, what with the Dalai Lama and all.)

Here it is, the rug that started it all:

Look at that red! I found that at Charlie Brown's Antiques, an awesome local multi-dealer, reasonably-priced store, for ten bucks. It was kind of dirty, so I threw it in the washer. (That's kind of like my acid test for fabrics - if they can't make it through a wash cycle, they're probably too fragile to survive in my house, anyway.) I put it on top of an old oriental rug, 'cause I liked the contrast in the colors. Please to excuse the cat-scratch-post in the corner.

Oh! And while I was there, I picked up this beauty, originally priced at thirty bucks, for one dollar:

Tres tacky, no? There's a reason it was only a buck. And I'm pretty sure that was meant as a wall hanging - I mean, I don't think you're supposed to walk on Jesus' face.

That first rug ignited my fire for prayer rugs, which you can read all about in the previous post. I remembered that there had been another prayer rug at Charlie Brown's the day I bought the first one, but it didn't have a price on it, and because it's a multi-dealer shop (meaning the dealers themselves are not there), there wasn't anybody I could ask for the price. So I went back last night, thinking maybe the dealer had shown up and priced it in the meantime, and voila:

Isn't that gorgeous? And I haven't even had a chance to throw it in the washer yet - I'm sure those colors are going to be even more vibrant once it gets a bath. I paid twenty bucks for it, but man, I couldn't pass that up.

This is how hoarders get started, isn't it?



Badass Nature Girl said...

Those prayer rugs are AWESOME!

Holly said...

I like the first one because it looks like a big red rampaging robot. :)

rockygrace said...

Thanks, BNG!

Holly, I can only imagine what fantastical creation you could make with one of these rugs.