Friday, March 25, 2011

D is for Dork

All my hiking hats have a tendency to ride up, leaving my ears exposed and freezing. So after resisting for lo these many years, I finally broke down a bought a trapper hat:

Nobody's called me Elmer Fudd yet, but I'm sure it's gonna happen.

Oh! And while I was out walking last weekend with my nice warm ears, I saw this little puddle:

That ice looks like Saran Wrap, doesn't it?

Hopefully we can get through this weekend without any blizzards or torrential rainfalls or plagues of locusts, although I'm sure the cats would appreciate some locusts to chase.

Anybody got any big plans?


Badass Nature Girl said...

I bought myself a hat like that a couple of years ago, to keep my ears warm, but it was too tight on my head :o( Now that I am learning to crochet, I'm determined to replace it, even if with a slightly different style.

Hmm, my plans? Go to the library and bake and cook and watch Igor with the boys. It's very cold and dreary here, with snow forecasted, so lots of time in jammies is mandatory.

Have a good weekend!

~~Silk said...

Oooo (bouncing up and down) I love those hats! 'Specially when you put the flaps down and they wrap around the back of your neck and snap at the chin. No drafts!

I had a wool one lined with rabbit fur once, but the moths ate it.

Anonymous said...

Not get washed away in the biblical rains that we've gotten this week. Sheesh. Other than that? I think I'll do some reading and knitting--yeah, I'm an 85-year-old at heart. So what?

Zella said...

I should've had a hat like that this winter, I froze my ears off when out running...but instead of buying a proper hat I just stopped running. Smart, huh.

rockygrace said...

BNG and Kate, your plans sound a lot like what I ended up doing - a bunch of not much.

and ~~Silk and Zella, I am SO GLAD I am not the only one enamored of trapper hats. I may look like a hillbilly, but dammit, I'm warm.