Friday, March 04, 2011

Freaky Friday - Lady Madonna

Okay, first off, a great big heartfelt thank you to BNG, who did something very very kind for me. BNG, I am firmly convinced that you are the nicest person in the world. With the best handwriting. Thank you!

Now, on to Freaky Friday.

I picked up this plastic Madonna at a flea market. The guy wanted five bucks for it, which I thought was pretty steep, but then he started giving me some sob story about how he wanted to take his little girl to see the Harlem Globetrotters* that night and blah blah blah and I forked over the cash.

She's kinda dirty and could use a good scrubbing, but I sort of like the way she looks with the earth in the folds of her gown and between her toes.

Other stuff you can see in this photo, since I know you're gonna pick it out anyway: Part of a wall sconce; the end of a tree branch that I thought looked like antlers; the shadows of some actual antlers; and a globe. I was going to position the Madonna so it looked like she was comforting the globe, but then she wouldn't have been able to look out the window, so I didn't.

Boy, I hope you guys had a quieter workweek than I did. In addition to researching new company health care plans**, coming up with last year's budget numbers for the boss (which is time-consuming, frustrating, and boring, all at once), and proof-reading technical drawings (now there's boring for you), I was asked yesterday afternoon to "find us a new person" for a bunch of work we just landed.

All of the really qualified people either left this valley long ago or are currently employed, so I may resort to trolling skid row and finding a bum to clean up by the time I fulfill that little request.

On the other hand, if anybody knows of a skilled AutoCAD drafter who's looking for work, have them email me their resume, would ya?

Oh, and tomorrow, I get to go have my taxes done. That should be fun. Whee.

We made it through the week, folks. Our work here is DONE.

*I saw the Harlem Globetrotters. Once. When I was, like, eight. I'm pretty sure it will never happen again. Not voluntarily, anyway. See also: Ice Capades.

**I am going to save my company a shitload*** of money. I should get a raise. Or, you know, a finder's fee.

***technical term.


Rob said...

Harlem Globe Trotters? You old softie, you ...

rockygrace said...

You know, Rob, I probably would've haggled, but the little girl was RIGHT THERE.

I'm sure he planned it that way.