Wednesday, March 23, 2011


How's the weather, you ask?

How's the weather?


It's snowing now.

It snowed last night.

It is going to snow some more tonight, just for a change of flippin' pace.

THAT'S how the weather is.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are thrilled to be getting more snow! Who needs Spring?

Badass Nature Girl said...

We've got it coming here too. I think we've had about every thing this week...thunderstorms, light rain, 60 degrees, 40 degrees, snow, 30 degrees.

There are people in town mowing their "lawns" and planting gardens. I don't get it.

rockygrace said...

ha, Anonymous, I'm thinking I should move to Alaska so I can get MORE SNOW.


And BNG, the only way I could mow my lawn right now would be to shovel it first. Damn it. Although, then again, a snow-covered lawn is a lawn that DOESN'T have to be mowed, so there is that.