Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Well, at least we had Saturday ...

Saturday morning was warm! And all the snow from the last snowstorms was melting! There were pretty little mystery flowers in my yard!

So I went for a walk, and the maple syrup farm had their buckets out:

And while there wasn't a chicken with a capon, there were horses with coats on:

And deer were browsing the newly de-snowed fields:

And then the rains came. And by Sunday morning, I was looking at this:

Those are flippin' SEAGULLS. In the park next to my house. Attracted, I am sure, by all that WATER. That is not supposed to be there.

And! No sooner did the rains stop Sunday, than the snow came. Leading to ...


At least the TWO FEET OF SNOW covered over the floodwaters.

Oh! And did I mention that my driveway is six hundred and fifty square feet of shoveling misery?

And! When I was shoveling, one of the lenses of my glasses POPPED OUT and kerplunked into that two feet of snow, necessitating a frantic search while half-blind, due to half of my glasses being somewhere in all that snow.

And now! On Wednesday and Thursday, we are supposed to get more rain! Lots and lots of rain!

I hope it's a nice long hot DRY summer, is all I've got to say.