Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Since my sense of humor may be off ......

.......if I put this pic on a Christmas card:

and captioned it "Merry Christmas from the Duggars!", would you get it? Would you think it was funny? Because I'm having a kind of a hard time judging which pics are funny.

Oh, and that reminds me: I'm doing cards again this year! Woot! If you got one last year, you're on my list. If you did NOT get one last year and would like one this year, email me (rockycat24 AT yahoo DOT com) with your name and address (and blog, if you have one), and I'll send you a card! If you DID get one last year and never wish to receive another lame card from me again, email me and I'll pull you off the list. Let me know, mmmmkay?

I promise, they won't ALL be Duggar cards.


~~Silk said...

Well, first impression is a mass of people, followed immediately by that they are all older women. So Duggars don't quite make it. You need a mass of kids.

Any idea what it actually is? I'd say a church conference, a missionary support thing, and that the four women in front in saris (without proper petticoats or cholis)(and possibly the fifth to the right with only a dupatta) have recently returned from a mission to India? Perhaps you could go that direction?

The woman on the far left of the front long row bears an eerie facial resemblance to my grandmother, who was in fact involved in a missionary group. But Gramma was only 4'7".

Fish Food said...

OK, I didn't get it at first but I Googles the Duggars... and I think it's funny

Fish Food said...

Very funny!

I'm emailing for a Christmas card!

rockygrace said...

I didn't have a photo of a mass of kids, so I was going to use this one and just hope no one looked too close. You blew my cover, Silk! :)

The writing on the back of the photo says "Cazenovia Junior College Baptist House Party." The names listed are Edna Rolf, Hester Plumley, Blanche Forkhamer, Beulah Horning, and Ella Hitchcock. Sounds like aliases to me!

And Fish, send me your address and I'll send you a card!