Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Christmas gift to you

First off, to everyone who sent me a card, thank you very much! You're helping to make the new house a home.

Now, a blast from the past.

Scene from a wedding:


There's so much to say about this, where do I even start? How about:

Out of the five people in the photo, three of them have bad spiral perms. Hell, just because it was 1984, that's no excuse.

The cinderblock wall, with the electrical outlet hanging down. Talk about a no-budget wedding. Check out the lavish decoration: One measly paper-bell-thingie.

The maid of honor, who is apparently using her drink cup as a spitoon.

Paper plates and plastic silverware, peeps. At the wedding party's table. Jeezus Christ. Who organized this?

OhmyGAH that poufy-sleeved dress. *shudder*

The groom, who apparently thinks he is one of the landed gentry, instead of a pot-smoking, job-losing asshole.

Looking at this photo, you know I was doomed from the start. I think I realized it as soon as the reception was over, when instead of heading home to get busy (no money for a honeymoon, doncha know), the groom decided we should head over to the best man's PARENTS' house to get stoned. I shit you not. Thank god it only took me four-and-a-half years to make a break for it, and now I can look at these pics and laugh. Oh, and cringe. Lots of cringing involved as well.

So I hope you all are having a very merry Christmas, but if not, take another look at that photo and rest assured that things could be worse. Much worse.

Happy holidays!

Oh! Oh! Oh! The best part? The house I bought this past summer? I can now SEE that reception hall from my front yard. Whoa.


Rob said...

All's well that ends well though ... right? Enjoy your Christmas!

Fish Food said...

I am very glad things aren't worse, much worse, than that!!!

And yes, all's well that ends well; you have to believe that!!!