Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The most fun ever

Every year, on Christmas Eve, I give my Mom a Christmas stocking filled with stuff from the dollar store - Puzzles, pretty soaps, warm gloves, candy, etc. As usual, this year I ended up buying way more stuff than I needed for her stocking (the dollar store does that to me). And when I ended up with some stuff from the office gift exchange that I already had, I really had a surfeit of stocking stuffers.

So I Secret-Santa'd my neighbors.

Two of my neighbors are women who live alone and don't seem to get much company. I wrapped up all the extra stuff, put it in gift bags, donned a trench coat and a Santa hat, and on Christmas Eve I left the bags on their porches.

And I had SO MUCH FUN wrapping up all that stuff and deciding who got what and sneaking through the neighborhood (don't call 911! It's just me!) that I think I'll do it again next year. Maybe pick a few more neighbors.

Next to the owl hooting, that was the best part of my Christmas.


Fish Food said...

Oh that's so nice! I'm tearing up, sitting here.

That's real Christmas spirit.

rockygrace said...

Just call me Mother Teresa!