Friday, December 04, 2009

A little shiver

I didn't know how happy owning a house would make me.

I mean, I rented for my entire adult life, and I didn't really have a problem with it, except for the asshole neighbors and their LOUD NOISE which kind of killed the whole renting-thing and is really the only reason I started looking at houses. To get away from the DAMN NOISE.

I am old.

But anyway, I'm thinking of putting up a tree this weekend, unless I get stuck here at the office, and the thought of decorating MY HOUSE for Christmas has just got me ridiculously excited.

Oh yeah, and I've never done outside lights before, because I lived in apartments, but I swear, I have the strongest frickin' urge to buy a bunch of outside lights and go to town. But you know what's really weird? I want to decorate the back of the house, facing the woods. I am odd.

It's not just decorating for Christmas that's got me pumped. Ever since I moved in, I'll be just sitting there watching TV or reading a book or putting away dishes and the thought flashes through my mind, "this is MY HOUSE", and I swear, I do this little involuntary wriggle of happiness, like a little puppy squirming with joy.

I had no idea how happy this would make me. I swear, I don't know if I've ever been this damn happy in my whole life.



Bridgett said...

I have the same happiness with my house. It's delightful to have a place that I know I can change or just let be, where I can just be.

And my husband and I were also talking about whether it would be weird for us to decorate our backyard rather than the front of the house. Anything put out in front gets stolen off the house and our backyard is really more like "our" space.

rockygrace said...

People steal your decorations?! Really?! That sucks.

Bridgett said...

Such is the neighborhood we live in. We also have the cops on speed-dial so when we hear someone getting the beatdown in front of the house at 2 am, we can get the victim extra fast service.

House = great. Neighborhood = dodgy after dark.

rockygrace said...


On the other hand, it's probably never boring around your place.