Monday, December 21, 2009

The Catholics have all the good stuff

I went to a couple of religious stores this weekend looking for images to use in some projects I've been thinking of.

I went to the local "Christian" store first, which was a total bust. It was all new-age-y and vague, with no actual images of Christ at all.

So I headed down the road to the Catholic store. Bingo! The first thing I saw when I walked through the door was a picture of Christ with his bleeding heart in his hands. Literally, he was holding his bleeding, possibly still beating heart in his hands.

Those Catholics have all the good stuff.

So I loaded up with prayer cards, little plastic Jesuses, and an illustration of a nun holding a crucifix with Christ on it.

Crazy Catholics!

And I felt a little guilty, because if the nice old lady running the store knew what I was going to use this stuff for*, she probably wouldn't have sold it to me.

That said, I'm definitely going back for more.

*Christ on a cracker. I KNOW.


Bridgett said...

Nerd alert! Did you know that all those realistic "looks like it just was extracted from his chest" hearts that grace the depictions of the Sacred Heart of Jesus come to us by virtue of the recently conquered Aztecs? Those were some people who knew what a real live beating heart looked like, since they practiced heart extraction as their form of blood sacrifice. Anyhow, it turns out that this was a much more compelling way to depict the noble sacrifice Christ (the crucifixion just looked like torture, you know?) and so that was adopted by New World Catholics and then went back across to Europe as an iconic image in the 17th century.

Yes, Catholics have some delightfully weird religious art. So do the orthodox branches...

Sent your card out today. Hope it gets there by Christmas.

rockygrace said...

So Christ ripped his own heart out? Or did somebody rip it out for him? Man, this whole religion thing is effed up.