Monday, December 14, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Remember last year, when I ended up with Stabby, the Homicidal Christmas Tree?

As it turned out, there was a tree shortage last year, supposedly due to some big ice storm. Which I'm not sure I believe, because you know that 90% of the "fresh-cut" trees out there were actually chain-sawed back in August.

Anyhow: The Tree, 2009 version.

This was my weekend: Football, cats and tree:

I am a spinster. Bet you didn't know that. *cough*


Note that there is NO tinsel on the bottom two feet of the tree. If you have cats, you know why. Nothin' says "festive" like a cat strolling through the room with a foot-long strand of tinsel hanging out of its butt. Happy holidays!

Oh, and trust me, those curtains are going after the first of the year. Along with those nasty ceiling tiles. Shhhh, don't tell them.


Rob said...

Your television has a very sharp, crisp picture. Who is Miami playing? The insulation job in the garage turned out very nice! Is it warmer out there now?

Oh ... and I like the tree.

rockygrace said...

Ha! That TV's vintage 1992. As the cable guy said, "My grandma has a TV just like that!"

Those pics were actually taken a week ago, so it was Miami squeaking by the Patriots. Boo.

And yeah, the garage is nice and toasty, but that's a whole 'nother story. Let's just say that when your furnace is grossly oversized, your garage stays nice and warm. *sigh*

~~Silk said...

Very pretty tree. Tinsel went out of fashion for a while, and I love that it's back. It MAKES the tree.

Glass balls on the bottom two feet? Living dangerously, aren't we?

rockygrace said...

A few years back, when tinsel started getting scarce, I actually stockpiled a bunch of it. Just in case.

When I was a little kid, my brother had a bassett hound that literally crunched up and ate ornaments. I must have tough decorations, because even when the cats batt-batt-batt them off the tree, they don't break. So far, anyway.

Fish Food said...

Lovely tree. We haven't even thought about getting out tree up yet.

L . a . z . yyyy!

Danger said...

Who is your favorite football team? If you've said anything about it I must have missed it.

rockygrace said...

Fish Food, you're not lazy, you're just busy!

And Danger, I'm a diehard Buffalo Bills fan. I'm a glutton for punishment.