Monday, January 12, 2009

What a Blast!

Here's an idea of how bad the local housing market is: When my Realtor and I went looking at houses on Saturday, my mortgage guy came along for the ride. Just, you know, in case I wanted to put an offer on something THAT DAY.

So! That was a hell of a lot of fun. I was amazed to discover how much house I could actually buy (1,400 sq.ft., which is WAY more than I need or want) (this one place had a totally tiled bathroom with a walk-in glass block shower), if I was willing to settle for next-to-no lawn and a sketchy neighborhood. And here's where having grown up here is a help: Some of the neighborhoods we looked at seemed perfectly fine on a cold January afternoon, but I know for a fact they turn into war zones on warm summer nights.

The last place we looked at was out of town a little bit. Even the listing agent called it a dump, which my Realtor explained is like a mother calling her kid ugly. It needed a ton of work, but the square footage and the yard were just right. Now I just need to find one like that, that doesn't need about twenty grand worth of repairs, and I'm all set! Hee.

Oh, and what is up with the lack of closets? I mean, I can understand the scarcity of electrical outlets, because people weren't running nine million electrical doohickeys back in the day, but why are there no closets? Didn't people wear clothes back then?

And my mortgage guy has triplet ten-year-old girls. How cute is that?

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kitkat said...

Yeah, what is up with the lack of closet space? And the small bathrooms? Our house could have done with 1 less bedroom and helluva lot more bathroom and closet space. Lame.