Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My Table - Let Me Show You It

I've been looking for a new kitchen table for a few years now. I knew what I wanted - the farmhouse style, with a natural-finished wood top and white legs. Look what I found at a thrift store last weekend for twenty-five bucks!:

Is beautiful, no? (No, the legs aren't wonky. It's just the angle from which the pic was taken.) (I'm always trying to explain my crappy pics - I really need to take a class or something.) The only problem was getting it home. The guys at the thrift store took off two of the legs so we could angle it into the car, and I took the other two legs off at home so I could get it through the door. Success!

Oh, and I gave my old kitchen table, which was given to me by friends almost twenty years ago when I left my (then) husband, to my new upstairs neighbor, who hasn't moved his stuff up from the City yet and needed a table.

Pretty, pretty table. Finally, after years of searching, I have found you.


kitkat said...

Wow. It's very nice. I'm glad you found what you were looking for. If I had only known about your search a few years back, I would have gladly given you the table I had in my first apartment--it was just like that one! I think it was probably not very well made, though, since my roommate got it at Big Lots or something similar.

Bridgett said...

I like it a lot! I think the chairs I'm using (that don't match the table I have, but I like the table and I don't have to look at the chairs when I'm sitting in them) would go well with it.

rockygrace said...

kitkat - this table could very well have originated at Big Lots! But it's nice and sturdy and weighs a ton, so I'm hoping it will last.

and Bridgett, I like to think that my mismatched kitchen chairs reflect my "eclectic style". Heh.

rockygrace said...

oh, and before I forget, Bridgett, another Christmas card is on the way. With a note to the postman to actually deliver this one.

And your fabulous! prize! is on the way, too.

Bridgett said...

Just got the beautiful picture of your columbine. I was hoping when I felt the package that it would be one of your photos!

Thanks so much -- it's going on the wall above my desk so I can have something lovely to look at when I'm daydreaming instead of working.

Kerri said...

$25! Sweet deal! Love the table!!

rockygrace said...

Bridgett, I'm so glad you like the picture!

And Kerri, yeah, every once in a while you hit the thrift store jackpot.

listie said...

Score! I'm hoping to be as lucky in finding a bookcase for my foyer.