Friday, January 30, 2009

Regrets, I've Had a Few

Namely, that I didn't get rid of the incriminating evidence of my teen years long ago. Did you know that cleaning out dresser drawers can yield blog post gold? Behold the following, circa 1978 (click to embiggen):

Hahahahahahaha! Holy crap. Not sure if it's song lyrics or a poem, but then again, does it really matter? In my defense, I was 15 and full of hormones.

Coming soon: Diary entries! Stop me, somebody.


listie said...

Ah, teenage hormones. I burned my diary decades ago, but now I wonder what might still be lurking in my mother's attic. {{cringe}}

Kerri said...

I don't know..., this could have the potential to be a big hit!!

Anonymous said...

I too have gotten rid of my old journals. I can't bear to look at my ridiculousness, so good on you for being able to face those silly things.

I do like the internal rhyme with ambitions/wishes. That's a nice touch.

rockygrace said...

Kerri, maybe Chris and I should collaborate! As I recall, he's quite the songwriter.