Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Congratulations, President Obama!

Heeeee, I just love typing that - "President Obama".

Yeah, you screwed up the Oath of Office, but is okay - even Michelle got a chuckle out of that one. You rocked your speech, and now it's time to get to work.

Good luck! I'm rooting for you!


kitkat said...

Hah! I'm watching GMA right now where they're discussing the flub. Good timing. Apparently, it was the Chief Justice's fault--he wasn't sticking to the script.

President Obama does have a nice ring to it. I remember having to memorize all the presidents in order one year in elementary school. I doubt I would have forgotten Obama's name.

rockygrace said...

Yeah, evidently, the Chief Justice screwed up, and Barack paused and waited for him to correct himself.

One year in junior high, each kid in my social studies class was assigned a president to do a report on. I got stuck with William Henry Harrison, which was kind of tough, seeing as how he was only in office for a month.

FightAgainstRedTape said...

Al and I are rooting for him too!

I even had a wee tear in my eye listening to his inauguration speech (I was in the car coming home from work).

It was really momentous.