Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cats, Ferrets ......

....... they're basically the same thing, right?

I was looking for a liquid supplement to add to the cats' food to help their fur, which seems really dry and static-y, even with running the humidifier at night. At the local pet stores, I found skin and coat supplements for dogs, rabbits, and ferrets .... but no cats.

So I bought the ferret meds. I mean, how big a difference can there be? They're both small mammals with fur. And the ingredients for the ferret stuff seem similar to the stuff for cats sold on line, so no harm done, right?

If they start to grow weaselly noses and develop beady eyes, I'll know I picked the wrong stuff.


Bridgett said...

Fur is fur. It's probably more a matter of dose than of contents of the pill. Biggest thing you can do is make sure they are getting a high in protein diet and that they get some omega-6 in their chow. You've probably just noticed their fur changing as they move from their kittenhood into their adulthood -- they lose the softy pelt that they had as fluffballs and get their adult coat, and coincidentally with the weather getting dry and cold, have gotten their winter coat on as well.

Will they let you comb them? Sometimes that helps to keep them sleek.

rockygrace said...

They're not big on being combed, even though I've been attempting it since they were teeny. And they're not shedding a lot; their fur is just dry-ish. This supplement has omega-6, fish oil, etc., so hopefully it'll do the trick.