Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well, Day-um

It looks like I'm not going to get the house I put an offer on. The first buyer finally came through with financing, which knocks me out of the picture.

But! It's okay. My realtor told me to take heart, that they will find the right house for me. And like Bridgett said, down the road, when I find the perfect place, I will be very glad that I didn't get this one. You'd better be right about that, Bridgett!! (kidding!)

Hell, I didn't want to have to move in the middle of winter, anyway.

Chin up!


Bridgett said...

It's a clarifying process. You know now more about what you're interested in, you have experience in submitting an offer, and so forth. It's a little disappointing, but the upside is that you don't have to be saddled with the various drawbacks that came along with the house and you have more time to save towards a bigger downpayment. I'm betting that the housing market is going to get better for homebuyers, so it probably doesn't hurt you at all to wait to move.

Plus, moving in the winter is a real pain in the ass.

rockygrace said...

Yeah, I was thinking that since I got a raise last month (yippee!), I should be able to sock away about an additional $100.00 a month toward the downpayment. Every little bit helps, right?

listie said...

Sorry about the house. But, there are lots of houses out there and I'm sure you'll find something you like even better.

How sick am I? When we were looking for a house here in CollegeTown, I always asked myself, "Will the kitties be happy in this house?" (Have you consulted your kitties about what they'd like???)

FightAgainstRedTape said...

Oh, it's always disappointing when you miss out, but never mind!

Take heart from the saying "What's meant for you won't go past you"

You'll get the RIGHT house!

rockygrace said...

Listie, one of the reasons I don't want to be on a busy road is to keep the kitties safe.

And Fight, thanks for the encouraging words!