Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scared Shitless

I put an offer on a house this morning. I lowballed it, leaving room to negotiate, but an offer has indeed been made. And now all I can think of is, "Holy shit, what if they take the offer? I'll be buying a house!" Indeed.

This place sits on a little bit of land, toward the end of a dead end street. There is a utility right-of-way next to the property, so no one would be able to build next to this property on that side. The neighbors' house on the other side sits back in from the street, a couple of hundred feet behind this property. And there is a hill in back of the property. There is a big shed out back, which would be helpful for storage, as the house itself is only eight hundred square feet.

The place obviously needs some work, and there is only one closet in the entire house, but at least it has plenty of electrical outlets, unlike some I've looked at.

It's got a good sized kitchen.
So! Here we go! This place is already under contract, so I probably won't get it, but at least now I know there are things out there I can afford. The big (HUGE) selling point with this one is that the taxes are roughly half of those of the other houses I've looked at, because it's just over the line into the next county.
Wish me luck! I'm so scared.


Bridgett said...

Heh. That was quick. I can see, however, why you like it. It looks like a place one could be happy.

The anxiety is natural. If your offer is taken, the next couple of weeks will be hurltastic, but then it gets better.

Bridgett said...

Just to add...once we saw the house we really wanted, it took us less than twelve hours to do the whole offer/negotiate thing.

rockygrace said...

Bridgett -

This is only the fifth place I've looked at, which seems insane. And the idea that I have to be ready to jump on this and get going really IS hurltastic. I just keep thinking of all that will have to be done, although the guys at work have been absolutely amazing with their offers of help. And I did a plus/minus list (see post below this one)(if you want to) which is helping ....

Exciting and scary, all wrapped up in one messy package!