Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Stuff Like This That Drives Me Crazy

The other day, The Bloggess was talking about how dogs don't have bellybuttons. (I was going to link to the post, but I'm fairly certain that The Bloggess doesn't need any linkie-love help from me.)

And then I got thinking, hey, wait a minute, my cats don't have bellybuttons either. And then I thought, well, maybe they do, but I just can't see them because of the whole fur thing. And then I thought, no, they shaved Little Girl's stomach when they spayed her, and I'm certain I didn't see any bellybutton when I removed her stitches.

And then I was all, like, why don't dogs and cats have bellybuttons? Whhhyyyyyyy?

So I went to, and according to commenters on varous sites, dogs and cats DO have bellybuttons; they're just not as obvious as ours, and harder to see.

And I am hoping against hope that I will not get bored enough to start searching my cats for their bellybuttons tonight, but given the bored-ness level around my place lately, which alternates with moments of sheer terror regarding a possible house purchase, I really can't rule anything out.


Anonymous said...

You know, just a couple days ago on NatGeo (or something like that) they had the "In the Womb" show on, and it was on cats. I should have paid better attention because now I'm wondering where my cats' belly buttons are. I seriously doubt they'll let me look.

rockygrace said...

Believe it or not, I did indeed get bored enough last weekend to start searching for bellybuttons. But the cats wouldn't hold still. :)