Monday, March 24, 2008

And the Award for Best Use of a Chocolate Easter Bunny Goes To ...

First, a little backstory. Yesterday, I found myself at my sister TIB's house for Easter dinner. Yes, the same TIB who spontaneously combusts at the very thought of me. I really don't care to go into the details of how this came about; let's just say that last weekend, I became the World Champeen Shit Eater for the sake of my family. (And this is the LAST TIME I am doing that. Seriously. LAST TIME.)

Anyhow, my sister Ditzy was there with her boyfriend, C.
C. had given her a large chocolate Easter bunny, and he kept bugging her to open it up and share it. Bugging, and bugging, and bugging. So finally, she opened up the packaging, and he asked for an ear. She broke off an ear, and there was a piece of paper rolled up inside the bunny. She unrolled the paper, and it was an e-mail confirmation for two tickets to an upcoming James Taylor concert. Fifth row, center.

Is that cool, or what? C. has definitely just raised the bar for all the guys in the family.

Oh, and how did he do it? He unwrapped the bunny, drilled a hole in the bottom, and pushed the paper up through the bunny until it lodged in one of the ears. Then he re-wrapped the packaging. Such ingenuity!

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