Thursday, March 13, 2008

Top Ten Reasons Why I Hate Winter

10. If school is cancelled due to snow, the municipalities do not bother to send out the plows. They worry about the safety of the kiddoes, but we adults are on our own.

9. Getting up in the dark, going to work in the dark, and coming home in the dark.

8. Having to scrape an inch of ice and/or a foot of snow off your car every other flippin' day. And then you slip and fall in the driveway and land right on your tailbone and it hurts for ..... well, it still hurts, actually.

7. Eleven below on the back porch. With twenty mile-per-hour wind gusts. Good times!

6. Not being able to walk in the woods for several months due to snow and/or ice covered trails. I can show you the x-rays to prove it.

5. Christmas, that loveliest of holidays, is followed by January. And February.

4. No three-day weekends between New Year's and Memorial Day. That's FIVE MONTHS, folks, in case anyone's keeping track.

3. Just when March rolls around, and you think you've almost made it through, comes the next one or five or eleventy-seven snowstorms.

2. In these parts, Winter is not followed by Spring. It is followed by Pothole Season. Bone-jarring, alignment-wrecking Pothole Season.

1. Hat hair. From mid-October until some time in April.


Anonymous said...

God, come and visit us here! It's positively tropical in comparison!!!!

I mean it!

Rockycat said...

Oh, I'd love to!