Monday, March 31, 2008

The Black Death Craves Vanilla Soft-Serve

Who knew?

Seriously, in breaking news, THE BIG DIPPER IS OPEN FOR THE SEASON!!

The Big Dipper is the closest authentic ice cream stand to my house. Authentic, as in free-standing, seasonal, and owned by an individual as opposed to a chain franchise. And bless this particular individual, who leaves his nice warm seasonal home in Florida every spring to come back to the still-frozen North to open up his ice cream stand.

The Big Dipper usually opens for the season the last weekend in March. So I found a reason to drive past it this weekend, and YES!! It was open.

Did I do a U-ey and get myself a cone? You bet your butt. Did I eat it in the car, with the heater on, because it was only 30 degrees out? Also affirmative. And I was surrounded by people sitting in their cars, with the heaters running, getting their first soft-serve fix of the season. Evidently, I am not alone.


listie said...

Is it kind of like the old carvel stands (or are you too young to remember carvel)?

Rockycat said...

Amazingly enough, we STILL HAVE a Carvel store in the area! But nobody goes there anymore, because the guy who owns it is incredibly short-tempered and has a tendency to yell at both the employees and the customers.

Yeah, the Big Dipper's kind of like Carvel, except nobody gets yelled at, because the guy who owns it is very nice.