Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stranger than Fiction

A couple of hours ago, this burly, twenty-something, cracked-out guy came charging into the office. And he started talking a mile a minute about a twenty-minute oral presentation he had to do about the history of this area and what exactly did we do in this office and how did it relate to the history of the area and blahblahblah .... the guy was clearly nuts.

I have never been a real think-on-my-feet type of gal, so I told him he would need to talk to the boss, who was not there, but if he'd like to leave his name and number I'd have the boss call him back etc. etc. etc. There are certain disadvantages to working the front desk.

And then Hack-Em-Up Ed came over and started egging the guy on. Hack-Em-Up's all, like, "oh, yeah, you need to talk to the boss, heck, he built half this area, definitely talk to him" blah blah blah.

Thankfully, at that time the voices in crazy guy's head evidently told him he was needed elsewhere, because he went charging out of the office, ran across the street, and started pounding on the doors of an empty warehouse. Then he went running up and around the corner, and has not been seen since. Whew.

UPDATE!! Just a few minutes ago, the guy came back. Thankfully, my boss was here, listened to him for a few minutes, explained that he (my boss) charged $200 an hour for his time, and shooed the guy back out the door. Jeezus.

Oh, and did I tell you that a guy was killed in a drive-by shooting two weeks ago, two blocks from the office? Nice neighborhood.

In other breaking office news, Hack-Em-Up Ed has a hack-em-up dog!

I kid you not. For whatever reason, Hack-Em-Up Ed brought his dog into the office for a few hours the other day. And I swear, thirty seconds after they walked in the door, the dog started in with, "haaaccckk!! haaaccckk! HAAAACCCCKKK!" And he did it THE ENTIRE TIME HE WAS HERE. Haacckkk! Haaccckkk! HAAAACCCKKKK! Jeezus.

What. the. hell. I have heard that people tend to buy dogs who resemble themselves, but I had never heard of the "sound effect factor" until now.


Anonymous said...

Both he and his dog sound 100% disgusting! I just HATE that racket.

listie said...

Jeez! You have all the fun. At least the loonies walking by my house stay on the sidewalk and don't come to the door (the fence might have something to do with it).

And Hack-em-up Ed? EUWWWWWW!

Rockycat said...

Yeah, he really grosses me out.