Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Bathroom - Let Me Show You It

My bathroom is tiny. The total "walkable" space (not including toilet, tub or sink) is 2.5 feet by 3.5 feet. Tiny! Here is my bathroom before I started painting. Try to ignore the round green heron pic; I know it's tacky, but I just can't seem to rid myself of it. Anyhow, the bathroom had off-white walls, with a white ceiling:

Here is my bathroom after:

The back wall is a mint green. I was going to do all the walls this color, but after doing the one, I realized the bathroom was going to look like the inside of a toothpaste tube if I continued with that plan. So I did the rest of the walls yellow, the ceiling and shelving blue, and the trim "fuchsia fizz".

Not sure if this is an improvement or not, but it sure is "different". Hey, if I get sick of it, I'll just paint it again.


letti said...

woah, that's pretty funkadelic :) I keep having visions of the temp trying to offer her services in painting the bathroom. Hehehhehheh

historyprof0 said...

My bathroom looks like the interior of the Apple Store. I painted the floor an aqua blue and the walls white. The art is four square prints of gerbera daisies in hot pink, orange, lime, and aqua. It sounds a little stark, but it beats the hell out of what was on the walls before.

listie said...

It looks very cheerful. But, aren't you a renter? Will your landlord have a fit that you painted?