Monday, August 20, 2007

TIB Strikes Again!

Last month, I wrote here about TIB and her husband creating a bunch of drama. Yesterday, I went to TIB's house to see if Mom wanted to go for a walk. TIB would barely speak to me and would not look at me. Whatever. And they were going to a church picnic, so Mom couldn't go for a walk.

I got back to my car and realized that I had forgotten to tell TIB about a dentist appointment I had rescheduled for Mom. I am the designated dentist appointment driver, but TIB likes to have this stuff on her calender. So I went back inside, told TIB the new date so she could put it on her calendar, and added, "and I'll take Mom" (because I always do).

TIB exploded. She started shouting, right in front of Mom, "Oh, Noooooo. WE'LL take Mom to the dentist. WE CERTAINLY wouldn't want to INCONVENIENCE YOU".

Not wanting the whole scene to get any uglier, I said goodbye to Mom and left. Mom followed me out the door, all upset and apologizing. Apologizing! So I tried to calm Mom down, explained that TIB and her husband were angry with me, not her, and said I'd talk to her soon.

Jesus Christ! Enough with the drama, already! I guess I should probably call TIB and ask to meet with her and her husband to see if we (she) could just all act like adults about this whole thing, but right now I just can't summon the enthusiasm.

I guess what's really bugging me is that they're all pissed off at me over something that was basically Alabama's screwup. I'm just the closest target. And I'm hesitant to take action, because I really just want all this to stop, and I'm sick of trying to be the responsible one, and I wish TIB and her husband would just GO AWAY. FAR, FAR AWAY.

So I'm torn. Over just ignoring this whole clustermess, or trying to be the grownup. Sigh.

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