Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm Baaaaaaack

And I survived my vacation. Parts were very, very good, and parts were not so good. Here's a not-so-good part:

I got up there on Saturday, expecting that my sister Alabama, her grandkids, and my Mom would all be up there. Um, no. It turns out that Alabama had to go back south for a week, so she had taken my Mom back to TIB's house to stay while she and the grandkids were gone. Alabama and the grandkids got up to the lake shortly after I did, and Alabama said she would go to TIB's house Sunday to pick up Mom.

On Sunday, Alabama got very sick. The lying-in-bed, puking kind of sick. It turned out this particular illness had run its course first through the grandkids, then my nephew, and now it was Alabama's turn. I offered to go pick up Mom, but Alabama wanted to wait a few days, so that Mom did not catch this nasty illness from Alabama. Alabama said she would call TIB and explain the situation.

Alabama didn't call.

TIB's husband called the cottage Wednesday afternoon, absolutely furious that no one had come to get Mom. He read me the riot act and then hung up on me. Alabama called him back, at which point he read her the riot act, accused she and I of not loving our Mother, and other assorted crap. Alabama explained the situation about her illness, but of course TIB and her husband were mad about not getting a phone call, to which I have to say, the phone works both ways. Yes, Alabama should have called them, but why didn't they call her to see what was going on? Instead they let themselves get worked up into a foaming-at-the-mouth rant.

So Alabama drove down to TIB's on Thursday, did more explaining, blah blah blah. And she brought Mom back up to the lake. And TIB and her husband are still all pissed off and full of drama. And you know what? I don't give a shit. I am so sick of TIB and her husband's attitude that from now on, I just don't care. Which should drive them wild, because we all know that it's no fun to throw a hurricane-strength tantrum if no one reacts.

So! More new about the vacation another time. Right now I am staring at a huge pile of work on my desk that I am slowly wading through (taking a break right now). And I wonder why the temps always, always have to rearrange the desktop on my computer. This last temp actually took my sidebar of blog favorites and re-arranged it into separate little header categories, totally out of order from the way I had it. Sigh.

On the bright side, it has been pouring rain all afternoon. So I feel much better about being back to work. Speaking of back to work ...........


Kerri said...

Stupid temp. Did you put me back at the top of the list? ;-)

Rockycat said...

Kerri, what's the address of your blog? I'd love to put you on my list!

Kerri said...

You mean it wasn't already there?! Okay, here it is and don't lose it. I'm giving it to you only because I like you and your blog.

Rockycat said...

Kerri, what a coincidence! I already had your blog on my list, and I had no idea that it was you!

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back - despite the not-so-good bit of your holiday.