Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Always The Last To Know

My sister Ditzy called me a little while ago. Here's the first part of the conversation:

Ditzy: Hi! Have you heard anything more about (our sister) TIB?

Me: What? What about TIB?

Ditzy: You didn't hear?

Me: Hear what?

Ditzy: Nobody called you? She had a heart attack yesterday!

Me: WHAT????

Sigh. Nobody ever tells me anything. As it turns out, TIB had chest pains (which she had been having for weeks, but told no one, including her husband, because she didn't want to cancel their trip to Atlanta. Um, hello?). They became so severe yesterday (pain in the chest running down the left arm, shortness of breath, dizziness - um, hello?) that she finally called her doctor, who told her to go directly to the hospital. So now they are running tests to determine exactly what is going on and what will need to be done. But as of right now she is resting comfortably, and I'll go see her during visiting hours tonight.

This reminds me of the time TIB and her husband threw a long-planned cookout for the family. When I got there, several family members were talking about "the funeral", "calling hours", etc. When I finally blurted out, "Who died?", somebody responded, "Grandma died! Didn't anybody tell you?!". Um, no.


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Anonymous said...

Good Lord! Really? Unbelievable!