Thursday, July 26, 2007

More From Vacation

While I was on vacation, the owner of the marina and his wife came up for a few days (their place is right next to our cottage, which the marina owns). The owner's wife complained about the smell of the seaweed (oh please, you're right next to a lake!), so right away there was a backhoe (or maybe a skidsteer? I'm not really up on my heavy equipment terminology) and a truck by the water, clearing out the seaweed (which, of course, reappeared a few days later, in the form of new seaweed).

In the photo below, the owner's wife is on the left, and Saggy Pants is on the right. Saggy Pants works for the marina. I call him Saggy Pants because, well, look at his shorts! Yes indeed folks, that's not a weird camera angle; they really do hang that low. They are always just about to fall off his butt. And any time he bends over, you don't just get "plumber's crack", you get "plumber's butt". I am talking about his entire butt being exposed.
Now, I have two questions. First, can't he feel the breeze? I mean, his entire butt is exposed every time he bends over. How can he possibly not be aware of this fact? Is he an exhibitionist? Has he never heard of belts? I know that lots of guys experience plumber's crack; heaven knows, I've watched enough repairmen at work. Can they honestly not know that their butts are exposed? Are they having "out-of-butt" experiences? Please, I'm dying to know!
Secondly, if anyone has a better nickname for this guy than "Saggy Pants", please let me know.
I was going to do a post on ospreys today, but for some reason the whole butt question just seemed to need to be addressed. As you can tell, it doesn't take much to entertain me while on vacation! Oh yeah, and looking again at that picture, doesn't it look like if the owner's wife could just gift some of her butt to Saggy Pants, they'd both be happier?

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Anonymous said...

We call them "Builder's Bum". I've got my thinking cap on re new name for "saggy pants" though. I might be some time...