Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Deer Antlers, pterodactyls and other random stuff

Here are the deer antlers I got at Jimay's Flea Market. Thanks, Jimay's! And thank you, deer. I'm really, really sorry about that. Check out the size of that tree in the background behind the right side of the antlers. You can get an idea of the scale by looking at the lawn furniture at bottom right. If that tree ever comes down in a storm, it's gonna take out half the neighborhood.

My neighbors two doors down have these pterodactyls (or maybe they're vultures?) in their backyard. They are made out of concrete and about 5 feet tall. Very cool, no?

My next door neighbor's backyard. Come set a spell! For some reason, these chairs just fascinate me. And check out the belly-up yellow duck pool!

Because I cannot stop buying shoes:

Ludlowville Falls:

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Anonymous said...

I very much like the pteradactyl vultures! Excellent!