Friday, July 27, 2007

Amazing Vacation Discovery!

Pre-mixed Manhattans! With the liquor already in them! By the jug! At the liquor store!

My life may have been changed forever. I am pretty much strictly a beer drinker, although I do enjoy the occasional mixed drink. However, because I am apparently lacking the mixology gene, I can only enjoy mixed drinks when someone else is making them. For example, I love a Manhattan. But I have no idea what goes into one, or how you would actually make one.

So! While on vacation, my sister Alabama and I stopped at a liquor store to buy some rum for my Mom, as she likes rum & coke. And, while I was wandering about the store, I found, to my amazement, pre-mixed Manhattans! By the jug! Thank you, Lord!

Of course, this then meant a trip to the grocery store to buy some maraschino cherries, because to me, the cherries & the cherry juice are what makes a Manhattan so tasty. Although, who knows, it could be almost anything, since I have no idea what is actually in a Manhattan.

I am pleased to report that I had no hangover whatsoever the next morning. Although I don't remember too much of the night before.

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