Friday, August 24, 2007

Year in Review

As of today, it has been a year since I started this blog. Here's some of the things that happened to me in the past year.

1. I painted (almost all of) my apartment.

2. I took a watercolor painting class.

3. I bought a digital camera (whoo-hoo!).

4. I celebrated(?) my twenty year anniversary at my place of employment.

5. I was terrorized by a disabled person.

6. My sister TIB stopped speaking to me, and will not even speak to me long enough to tell me exactly why she's not speaking to me.

7. I looked into buying a house, and discovered that I need to start saving my pennies (many, many pennies).

8. I came up with several hare-brained schemes to make more pennies, one of which may actually work.

9. I started this blog, which has been a tremendous amount of fun, and a great stress reliever.

I'm sure there's lots more, and if I think of anything interesting I'll update.


bridgett said...

You rescued the Head of Ted.
You successfully dealt with Jabba The Loud.
And you wrote some very good blog entries.

Happy Anniversary.

Rockycat said...

Thanks, Bridgett! That really makes my day!

FightAgainstRedTape said...

Well, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your entries. Been happy for you, sad for you, shocked (when your work colleagues didn't even notice your 20 year anniversary - outrageous!) and happy again.

Your photos are great too.

Congratulations on your anniversary!

Rockycat said...

Thanks, Pauline!