Friday, September 23, 2016

As! Seen! On! TV!


I think these things were originally price-pointed at $49.99 on TV.  Then chains started carrying them for $39.99, and I allllllllmost bought some last winter, but I thought $39.99 was a little pricey for Christmas lights, and who knew if they'd even work, or look as pretty as they did on TV?  But then it was Ollie's to the rescue.  And let me say, if you do not have an Ollie's Outlet near you, I feel for ya.  It's like a low-rent K-Mart (or like the long-gone, long-lamented Philly Sales, for any local readers), and it's FABULOUS.  Most of the stuff is cheap crap, but when they get a deal in, they get a HELLUVA deal.

So!  The lights?  At Ollies?  Were $19.99.  But would they work?

I snapped up a box and waited for dark.   Ha.  I was afraid that because they were a knock-off from the original product, which is called a "Star Shower" (WHY DO I KNOW ALL THIS STUFF?!), they might be lame, but I can tell you right now they look AMAZING.  So pretty.  Now I'm thinking of going back and picking up another box,  to light up the BACK of the house this Christmas, because why not?

So!  Sparkle laser lights.  A++ would recommend.  I'm thinking these are going up the day after Thanksgiving this year.  Just to piss off the neighbors.  :)


spiffikins said...

Alas I have no electrical outlets outside - all my Christmas lights are perforce *solar* powered - which is awesome, really.

But this is intriguing - especially the part about the "indoor stand" - screw the OUTSIDE of my house - how awesome would this be in my living room?

rockygrace said...

Spiff, I did turn it on in the house, and I must admit it looked pretty awesome. The entire room was filled with little lights.