Thursday, September 08, 2016

Killer. Chair.

See this chair?  This little wicker doll chair right here?:

(The chair model is Georgia, a former foster.  Wasn't she a cutie?)

Well.  The other day, I went into the Foster Room, and did a quick head count, as I always do on entering and leaving the room.  I came up one kitten short, but I could hear a soft ... thumping ... noise coming from under a dresser.

This kitten right here, little miss India:

Had gotten her HEAD stuck in the bottom of that chair, and was careening around the room with the CHAIR stuck on her HEAD, frantically trying to get it off.

Huh.  I always say that every foster litter does something I've never seen before, and this was definitely a first.  That little chair has been in the foster room for YEARS, and India was the first kitten to ever get stuck in it.

At first I tried to pull her head out, but I swear that chair just hung on tighter.  Remember Chinese finger traps?  Like that.  I grabbed a pair of scissors out of the desk and tried to cut through the wicker, as little India squirmed and thrashed. No dice.  I went out to the garage and grabbed some garden pruning snippers.  They didn't work either.  Man, wicker is tough!  I thought about using a saw and then thought better of it.  I briefly thought about taking her to my mechanic, who is only about a mile down the road and has a garage FULL of tools, and then thought about taking her to the local fire station, and then thought I needed to get that chair off her head sooner rather than later, went BACK out to the garage, grabbed my freaking BOLT CUTTERS, and carefully ... carefully ... started to snip.

Ta-Da!  Finally, after about five minutes that felt like a lifetime and I'm pretty sure gave me my first gray hairs, little India was free, and none the worse for wear.  She wobbled about for a few seconds, then shook her head as if to make sure that the evil wicker prison was finally OFF of her, and scampered off to play.

The chair?  I thought about throwing it out, as it is surely possessed, but in the end I blocked off the bottom JUST IN CASE and saved it for future use as a photo prop.

And there you have it.  The tale of the Killer Chair.



Random Felines said...

just when you think you have it ALL kitten proofed, there is that one kitten.... glad she is ok

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

I was thinking what a cute chair.. now I'm all 'well maybe not' ..

and yes, there is always a kitten around to prove to you that no matter how well you think you have a handle on things, you really don't.

rockygrace said...

I'm mystified as to how she could get her head IN there, but not back OUT.

Kittens, man. *shakes head*

James P. said...

Well, you can't make this stuff up.

India, you are darling but have the worst ideas EVER.

My question about the entire frightening incident: WHY DOES A WOMAN LIKE YOURSELF OWN BOLTCUTTERS???????