Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekend Warriors

On Saturday,  Ten Lives did a SNAP run, where we take a bunch of local cats-in-need to a low-cost spay/neuter program in Cortland.

Getting up at dark o'clock, I left the house at 6:30, picked up another volunteer, and headed for the pre-arranged pickup spot for the cats.  Car before:

Car after:

The woman who runs the group looked a little dismayed when I got there.  "You told me you had a station wagon!," she said.  "I *do* have a station wagon!," I replied.  Don't insult my little Hyundai!  and hey, if I can cram a kayak in there, I can fit a bunch of carriers.  Sure enough, we fit all eleven in with no problem, and we could have fit more if needed. 

Early morning volunteers:

This little beauty is Cat #600! to be assisted by spaying/neutering through Ten Lives.  (Don't worry, we straightened out her carrier before we left.):

This place may not look like much, but they sure do amazing things:

Doing intake on the cats prior to surgeries:

... AND the obligatory breakfast stop after our work was done:

The cats undergo surgery in the morning and recover in the afternoon.  We were back home and ready to continue our days by ten a.m.  A great morning's work!  Other Ten Lives volunteers went up Saturday night to pick up the cats and get them back to their families.

With so much negative stuff going on in the world (AND ON FACEBOOK *cough*) right now, it sure felt good to do something positive.  Six female cats and five male cats ended their endless cycles of reproduction on Saturday, all thanks to Ten Lives and CNY SNAP.  And I've been put on the "official driver" list, so I'll get to do a SNAP run once a month now.  It's the best job I ever worked for free!  Ha.


Random Felines said...

YAY!!! we do hear sometimes that people have a hard time getting their pets to clinics so what a great service. (and mom hears the "little car" thing about the Beetle too...don't knock it until you see her shove stuff in it - MOL)

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

600! that is awesome!!