Monday, September 12, 2016

A Whole Nother Level

I collected Breyer horse models as a kid.  I was horse-crazy, and before my parents got me a real horse, the Breyer models helped fill a void in my little preteen soul.  Plus, I liked playing with them.  I finally sold the last of them off in my moving sale a few years ago, although I did keep two of my favorites.  Ah, nostalgia.

But these people?  These people are crazy:

72 Hours in Model Horse Mecca 

Holy cow!


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...


James P. said...

Noticing a dearth of comments on this post. Think it's because ALL OF YOUR READERS went through the horse phase (starts age nine blah blah), carrying around a cigar box collecting nickels to save for a horse..............and you actually HAD ONE????? We will never EVER feel sorry for you about anything again.......well, not much.

(OK, can't we hear about this horse? Maybe you could do a separate post about your time with him/her?)

rockygrace said...

Ginny, I wrote about Trigger a while back!

I was a horse-crazy kid, like most girls my age, and I took riding lessons (Western, not that sissy English crap! Ha) for a few years before my parents got me Trigger. My older sisters STILL complain about how *I* got a horse and THEY didn't. Old grudges, man! I had Trigger for several years, and then he was a "lesson horse" for the facility where I had boarded him for years. They retired him to pasture, and I believe he was around thirty when he passed away. Good horse!