Friday, September 09, 2016

Like a lunar landscape

I had to go have an ultrasound yesterday morning, as the doc is trying to find out why my back/kidney pain persists. 

That was ... weird.  I'd never had one before.  The tech looked kinda surprised when I told her that, and then I figured out that she probably didn't see too many women my age who'd never had kids.  Ha.

I did let out an audible groan when she asked me to turn on my side so she could get a better look at one kidney, but other than that it didn't hurt.

and Oh!  Did you know that your aorta, that big blood vessel in your heart, goes down into your stomach?  I did not know that!  The tech explained that whenever they're doing an abdominal ultrasound they make sure to check out the aorta, because evidently an aneurysm can develop there and kill you deader than dead, like, instantly, with zero symptoms.

Yeah, that's not terrifying to know at all.

ANYway, my doc should have the results soon, and we'll go from there.  *sigh*  On the bright side, I'm feeling much better than I was, so thank goodness for little favors, right?

And!  Firecracker, the kitten formerly known as Pretty Pretty Princess, is going to his new home tonight!  Woo-hoo!  One down, nine to go.  Ha.


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

I hope they have an answer for you!

and YAY! for adoptions

James P. said...

A pox on your aorta for not staying where it belongs! I always think of crummy medical stuff happening to the fat, lazy folks (like ME) and not to someone as fit as you! Please keep us all posted. I'm guessing they didn't see any kidney stones, since they show up well on ultrasound.

Re: The Kitten Artist formerly known as Pretty Pretty Princess: Why was it expected that he would be the first adopted? Does he cock his head to the side and puff his fur up and make his eyes extra big when potential adopters approach????

rockygrace said...

Tails, me too!

And Ginny, Firecracker is just so darn cute! Long, soft fur, pretty markings, the whole nine yards. He coulda been a supermodel! ALL of my fosters are good-looking, of course (ha), but he really stands out.

Domestic Kate said...

My first ultrasound was on one of my breasts! When I went to make the appointment, they were confused as to why I wasn't getting a mammogram (I was young and my breasts were too firm for them to really see anything on a mammogram I guess).

Good luck finding out what the deal is.

James P. said...

(Back to choosing a kitty from a batch of 'em: I personally would be looking for wacky stunster Squeegee.......for a fun pet, instead of "looks".)